How to set up your home office

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed things in all aspects of our lives. To help contain its spread, many of us are hunkering down and preparing to work remotely for the long haul.

Living in a digital age has, fortunately, made it possible for many of us to work from home without skipping a beat. Since working from home can be a bit of a challenge for those who’re new to it, however, we’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you create the perfect virtual workspace.

Identify a dedicated workspace

It can take some time to adjust to communicating and working with your colleagues and customers virtually, but you can still be as productive at home as when working out of the office.

The first step toward achieving this is to carve out a dedicated workspace or, better yet, set up a home office in a quiet and private area separate from the rest of the home. Doing so will help ensure that there are no interruptions. Set up your workstation just as you would in your workplace so you feel better connected to work and can be more productive.

Your basic setup

Once you’ve found a place to work without distractions, get yourself a good, ergonomically designed chair and a desk or table that can provide a sturdy surface for your personal computer. Your desktop or laptop should have the specs ideal for the work you need to do. You must also have a readily accessible power source, a strong and reliable internet connection and a dedicated phone line for work.

For disruption-free video calls, purchase a good quality webcam, headset and speakers. Set up a professional virtual background and ensure good lighting so people get a good professional impression.

You will also need a high-quality printer/scanner to send and receive documents.

Buy office supplies

Be sure to have standard office supplies on hand. You’ll need to buy paper, pens, paperclips, and staplers, among other things. If you’ve got employees, make sure that they’ve also got the supplies they need to work out of their homes. If you’re an employee and the company you work for doesn’t provide supplies, you may be able to deduct the expense from your taxes.

Nurture productivity with natural light

Ample natural light can both enhance your productivity and make you look good on camera. A well-lit environment can lift your spirits and keep you motivated, especially when you can’t go out for work.

Stay connected with your team virtually

The great thing about technology is that we can work remotely without sacrificing the quality of teamwork. Communicate with your team remotely as often as is necessary to follow up or catch up on work, assign tasks, and set goals.

Dress professionally

Dress up professionally as if you are going to the office to help set the mood for your workday. Doing so will help you focus on the job at hand, and will ensure you look professional when you need to make a video call.

Set the mood

Green plants and soft music can be calming. Make your office more inviting with a vase of fresh flowers, leafy greenery, or small items that can make your workspace a little more inviting. These will go a long way toward improving your mood at work.

The best way to transition effortlessly towards working from your home in Minneapolis is to create the ideal set up to retain the same productivity level as the office. Would you, perhaps, like to explore your home options in the area? Click here to contact us!

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