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Your Guide to Living in Twin Cities: St. Paul And Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

Despite having big-city amenities and bustling downtown areas, Minneapolis and St. Paul share that homey Midwestern vibe that people from all over can’t help but appreciate.

Separated only by the formidable Mississippi River, those who live here enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

Homes for Sale in Minneapolis

Twin Cities real estate is one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets – with steady appreciation, low vacancy rates, affordable prices, and a profitable house flipping industry – the local housing market is ripe for investment.

Those looking for their forever home will discover an unrivaled selection of single-family homes, townhomes, and condos. There’s also a wide range of architectural styles including Ranch, Craftsman, Bungalow, Colonial, and Tudor, among many others.

Whatever your lifestyle, you’re bound to find a neighborhood that suits your tastes. St. Anthony Park, for instance, has long been touted as the intellectual hub of twin cities, being home to the University of Minnesota and attracting an eclectic mix of artists, students, professors, and workers.

Edina, on the other hand, has a decidedly white-collar feel, counting executives, doctors, and lawyers among its residents. Some of the most exclusive residential pockets in Twin Cities can be found in the Interlachen Country Club area, which is filled with multi-million dollar homes.

Then there’s Plymouth, which is best known for idyllic Medicine Lake. The neighborhood has a suburban character and is the leading choice among families with pets and small children.

These are just some of your choices in MN. Get in touch with me, Jerry Arguello, for more information on Twin Cities real estate.

Weather and Climate

Minnie residents are no strangers to cool temperatures and heavy snowfall – the coldest temperature on record is -41 °F from January 1988. That’s why living in Twin Cities requires a hefty investment in thermal wear and coats that will keep you comfortable during the chilly winters.

The good news is that life in Minnie doesn’t stop when the temperature drops. It’s common to see residents biking around in the snow, ice fishing in the winter, and even skiing to work.

Major Employers

Career-driven folks will feel right at home in Twin Cities, which has a robust job market and a median income that’s higher than the national average.

The Minneapolis Downtown Council listed the following companies as the major Twin Cities employers for 2019:

  • Target – The retail giant employs the largest workforce in Minneapolis, with over 8,300 staff at the end of 2018.
  • Hennepin Healthcare – The organization employs over 7,000 workers.
  • Wells Fargo – Similar to Hennepin Healthcare, the company employs 7,000 or more individuals.

Other companies listed in the council’s top 15 include Hennepin County, Ameriprise, U.S. Bank, Xcel Energy, and the City of Minneapolis.


Minneapolis is home to a widely acclaimed park system, which includes 197 parks and open spaces where residents can relax, exercise, play sports, walk their dogs, and have picnics.

There are also 10 lakes within city limits in addition to creeks, falls, and the mighty Mississippi River, which is why most residents are avid boaters and anglers.

Residents can catch games and concerts at state of the art stadiums like Allianz Field, 3M Arena, and Target Center.

Art and history buffs can pay a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and countless other cultural venues and landmarks in Twin Cities.

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