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Greenfields Realty Inc. dba TWINCITIES.REALESTATE was founded in 2005 by Jerry Arguello and is headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Our core business principles of Diversity, Teamwork, Client Service, and Excellence underpin our mission as a real estate firm. They enable us to generate innovative solutions, respond to clients’ needs, and maximize the potential of our people.

Our ultimate objective is to deliver top-notch real estate services using cutting-edge technology. While we value individual creativity, we emphasize teamwork in all our endeavors, as we have found that a collaborative approach typically produces optimal outcomes.

Our Mission is to establish an exceptional real estate business that leaves a memorable human customer experience and a lasting legacy.

Our Vision is to provide unparalleled customer service that always prioritizes our client’s best interests. Our extensive experience has shown that by serving our clients well, we receive an abundance of referrals, and natural success follows.

Our Perspective is grounded in an unwavering commitment to excellence in all we undertake. If faced with a choice, we would choose to be the best rather than the biggest.

Are you tired of mediocre real estate services that don’t deliver on their promises? Look no further than Greenfields Realty Inc. dba TWINCITIES.REALESTATE. Our unrelenting dedication to diversity, teamwork, client service, and excellence make us the obvious choice for anyone who demands the best.

Don’t settle for second-rate service. Choose the real estate partner that will go above and beyond to meet your needs. Contact us now to experience the difference for yourself. We’re confident that you’ll be blown away by our commitment to providing superior services using the latest technology. Let’s work together to achieve your real estate goals.

Jerry Arguello

Jerry Arguello
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