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Minnetonka MN Homes for Sale

When people decide it’s time to move, many immediately look to communities that have peaked in development. The thought process behind such thinking is understandable. If they’ve come so far, after all, then surely they have everything. But what these people don’t see is the potential of the communities that are still experiencing growth offer, both financially and as places to raise a family. Minnetonka is one such of a community. This suburb has been riding a wave of good fortune over the past decade thanks in part to the efforts of local and nationalcorporations.

Despite this continued expansion, the city has established a firm stance to protect and maintain the natural splendor of the area. The population of 50,000-plus residents knows how fortunate they are to live in such a beautiful area and want to preserve it for generations to come. This includes Gray’s Bay, which is part of the much-beloved Lake Minnetonka, as well as prairies, wetlands, and a variety of gorgeous trees. The city has carefully constructed all of its sidewalks and pathways around the 49 parks open to the community. Minnetonka’s residents rank the city’s natural resources as its most important aspect almost every year.

Business in Minnetonka is booming too, Two major corporations have both created a number of jobs and attracted more investment in the city. One of these corporations, Cargill, is the single largest privately held company in the entire country. That’s an impressive feat on its own, but the services they provide cover a wide range of industries, including agricultural, pharmaceutical, and financial. With so many specialized areas of interest, workers with all sorts of skill sets are able to find work through them. The second major corporation is UnitedHealth Group, currently the largest health care group not just in America, but in the world. Of course, smaller companies also exist across a wide array of fields, with education and healthcare being the most popular. Surprisingly, despite the presence of such large corporations, the cost to buy a home in Minnetonka is cheaper than lots in other nearby suburban areas.

As for what to do in Minnetonka, you’d be remiss to stay cooped-up indoors when there’s such lovely scenery everywhere you look. Along with everything mentioned previously, Minnetonka also has two lovely beaches: Libbs Lake Beach and Shady Oak Beach. You can get a taste of local flavor from the bars and restaurants that populate downtown. You can even cap off a perfect family night out at The Thrill Factory arcade, which includes areas for different sports as well as traditional electronic games. For a bigger outing, you can travel just eight miles to Minneapolis.

A financially-sound community doesn’t have to mean tearing down nature to make way for businesses, and Minnetonka proves it. It’s a city that continues to grow—and you can grow along with it. It’s a great place to settle down and raise a family.

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