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Wayzata, MN

Wayzata Minnesota has been a popular tourist destination for years due to its proximity to Minneapolis (about 20 minutes) and other tourist attractions like Lake Minnetonka. Real estate for sale in Minnesota does not get much better than Wayzata because the city has plenty to do, is close to a major city and also offers all the tranquility and nature that Minnesota is known for. Here we will detail some of the perks of having a property in Wayzata, MN, and why it is one of the most charming cities in the United States.

History of Wayzata

By the early 1700s, the Mdewakanton Dakota tribe already inhabited the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The city of Wayzata would not be incorporated until about 1854. Oscar E. Garrison’s—the first ever resident of Wayzata—cabin is still on display in the city today. In the 1950s, Wayzata grew exponentially thanks to annexed land from Lake Minnetonka’s surroundings; shopping centers, recreational areas, and housing were built to increase the demands of the residents. Now, Wayzata has grown steadily alongside its surrounding areas and is a major place in Hennepin County.

Real Estate in Wayzata, MN

Real estate for sale in Minnesota began to grow toward the end of the twentieth century, and today it boasts some impressive homes. Beautiful 7,000 sqft homes in Wayzata can easily reach two million dollars or more while a modest two bedroom/two bathroom home goes for about $400,000. The proximity to the beautiful Lake Minnetonka and, of course, Minneapolis is what raises the prices. Many of the homes in Wayzata are surrounded by nature, and that certainly adds to their appeal. People looking to get away for some peace and solitude can surely find it here.

Amenities & Attractions in Wayzata, MN

Besides spending the day near the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata offers many attractions for residents and visitors alike. The Wayzata Depot is perfect for history buffs as it shows the city’s railroad history and is filled with little nuggets of information that shine a light on the area. The Lake Minnetonka regional trail is a perfect way to spend an active afternoon – and, once you are done, you can relax by the Wayzata Bay. There is nature and history in this beautiful city; for those who need something more fast- paced, the big city is twenty minutes away.

Wayzata Is Waiting

For those who wish to see Wayzata for themselves, we say don’t be shy! The atmosphere of the city is lovely. People looking to purchase property in Wayzata can go through our team to find it. Here at TWINCITIES.REALESTATE, we are happy to welcome people into the neighborhood. We can be reached at 612-807-9650 to inquire about properties in Wayzata; our team of experts will be ready to show what is available. We know the area well, and have seen it change over the years into a true American gem. We hope to see new residents around the area very soon; we know they will not regret it.

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