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Life is good in Chanhassen. Located roughly 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis, it is one of the Twin Cities’ most prosperous suburbs, with a population of 25,558, as of the 2017 U.S. Census.

And those figures continue to grow as more people are drawn to the city’s gleaming lakes, scenic parks, gorgeous homes, and vibrant downtown district.


This idyllic corner of Minnesota went from sleepy suburb to coveted address in a matter of decades. It all began with the arrival of settlers in the 1850s who’d come to stake out farmlands. One of the first settlements in Carver County, the city gets its name from the Sioux word for sugar maple tree.

Despite the pioneering spirit of the settlers, Chanhassen had one of the slowest growth rates in the county up until the 1960s, when the first strip mall was built, giving the village its own pharmacy, grocery, hardware store, and restaurant.

It was during this time that entrepreneur Herb Bloomberg also brought his lumber and hardware business to town, But perhaps his most valuable contribution to the city is the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, which under new ownership continue to be a source of culture and entertainment for residents.

The population grew to 4,200 in 1967, with the founding of the present day City of Chanhassen – the result of a merger between the village and the township surrounding it.

The 1970s brought a slew of new development, this time with a focus on the revitalization of the downtown district. The local government’s efforts paid off – today there are over 500 thriving businesses serving the downtown area.

A Gopher State success story, Chanhassen has not looked back since, going strong in terms of development, growth, and desirability.

Living in Chanhassen, MN

The Chanhassen lifestyle may be laid-back, but it’s not boring by any means – with 11 lakes, a 500-acre park system, and over 500 businesses offering world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, residents have very few reasons to leave town.

But it’s more than just an affluent, happy-go-lucky Minneapolis suburb. It has some serious cultural cachet, being home to the groundbreaking Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, and Paisley Park, the massive production complex and private estate of late musician and 80s pop icon Prince.

The city has also come a long way since the housing crisis – like many communities throughout the United States, the city experienced hardship, only to come back stronger than ever.

Today, median home values are higher than the national average, with properties appreciating greatly in value – making it one of the best places to invest in Minnesota real estate.

The housing market is also competitive, with homes getting multiple offers with waived contingencies. Moreover, homes sell close to the asking price and can go under contract in as little as 18 days – a testimony to the strong demand for housing and the overall desirability of this city.

As the population has grown, so has the median household income, showing a 4.41% increase between 2015 and 2016. And people spend their money well on local businesses and attractions, supporting their own and creating a vibrant business climate that draws potential investors.

Amenities and attractions

  • Chanhassen Dinner Theatres – This theatre started out as a 600-seater establishment in the 60s, the first to combine dining with premium entertainment. This ingenious business concept caught on, and today, it is the go-to establishment for musical theatre, comedy shows, and amazing food.
  • Paisley Park – Relive the musical genius and provocative stylings of Prince by going on a 70-minute tour of this state-of-the-art recording and production complex. A fixture in Minneapolis’ music scene, the artist would open his estate to the public for live performances. With his passing in 2016, fans can now visit Paisley Park to see Prince’s recording studios, several exhibits, and the NPG Music Club, as well as buy exclusive merchandise.
  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Just four miles west of the city you’ll find the arboretum, which features exquisite gardens with over 5,000 plant and flower species.
  • Lake Minnewashta Regional Park – Spanning 340 cares, this scenic lakeside park is the perfect place to relax. Play beach volleyball, swim in the clear waters, and have a picnic with friends and family.
  • Lake Ann Park and Beach – Another lakeside park, visitors can look forward to gently rolling hills, gleaming waters, and cool shaded areas where they can go for a stroll or have picnics.

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