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Chaska brings you the best of both worlds, with its small-town feel and big city conveniences.


Chaska’s history is shaped by Native American culture, its first known inhabitants being the Mound Builders. The remnants of this ancient community can still be found in City Square. They were followed by the Sioux, who were known throughout the region as the Big Woods.

But the city’s recorded history didn’t begin until 1769, and from 1776 onwards European explorers and fur traders began making their way into the area.

The 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux opened Little Rapids to settlement, with speculators moving into little known territory like Chaska. One of the city’s earliest settlers, Thomas Andrew Holmes, purchased 20 acres in the town’s site in August that same year.

The discovery of high-quality clay turned Chaska into a hub for brick making in 1857 and was a thriving brick manufacturing center by the 1880s. Rapid expansion took place with the building of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad in 1873.

Beet sugar processing, flour making, butter making, curing sauerkraut and pickles, and the canning of corn, peas, and tomatoes would also flourish into lucrative industries at the dawn of the 20th century.

Chaska remained a sleepy agricultural town until the 1950s, when the Jonathan New Town development brought more land, new residents, and more jobs to the community. The downtown area underwent revitalization from the 1980s and all throughout the 1990s.

Chaska continues to expand today. Active construction adds anywhere from 100 to 300 new residential units to the housing stock each year. Local businesses offer a host of world-class goods and services.

Despite Chaska’s remarkable growth, its leaders and residents maintain a strong sense of community and strive to preserve its rich heritage through sound planning and development regulations.

Living in Chaska, MN

When it comes to entertainment, Chaska residents are spoiled for choice. Those who live here spend their days fishing, boating, hiking, and playing golf. With access to Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and Chaska Town Course, the possibilities for outdoor recreation are endless.

Downtown Chaska offers world-class shopping and dining while neighboring Chanhassen is known for live entertainment and fine dining, courtesy of the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. Feast on Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisine, and good old American comfort food. Wash it all down with craft beer and fresh roasted coffee.

And locals have the means to indulge their guilty pleasures. The median income is $75,828, higher than the national average of $59,039. The job market is quite robust, with major employers like The Goodman Group, Gedney Foods, and Southwest Christian High School, making it a great place to build a career.

Median home values hover at $225,700 – slightly higher than the national average of $206,300 – a testament to home appreciation rates in the city and its overall desirability. People are willing to pay a premium for real estate in Chaska if it means gaining access to its vibrant but laid-back lifestyle.

Amenities and attractions

  • Historic Downtown Chaska – Go on a walking tour of historic downtown, where you’ll find locally owned shops, studios, and restaurants. Drop by for seasonal events and community initiatives.
  • Chaska History Center – Browse the exhibits by the Chaska Historical Society and learn about this city’s rich history. Items on display include photographs, maps, and World War II memorabilia.
  • Chaska Town Course – This Arthur Hills-designed golfing destination was named Course of the Year by the Minnesota Golf Association, and rightly so. Its manicured greens meander through scenic prairies, oak groves, and marshlands.
  • Chaska River City Days – This annual celebration brings you a weekend packed with fun activities, from a highly anticipated car show to a festive parade.
  • Chaska Community Center – The center offers swimming, skating, and fitness lessons to residents of all ages and abilities.

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