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Shakopee, MN

Only a thirty-minute ride from Minneapolis sits the beautiful city of Shakopee, the county seat of Scott County. Shakopee and its surrounding suburbs form part of the Minnesota/St. Paul statistical areas and the small city is filled with history dating back to Native American tribes. We will spend some time here discussing this great city while also taking a look at homes for sale in Shakopee, MN. This is a community guide to a beautiful place that offers both the tranquility of nature and the bustle of the city at once.

History of Shakopee, MN

Shakopee, MN is named after Chief Shakopee II, one of the leaders of the Mdewakanton Dakota tribe who first led a band of individuals into the grounds of present-day Shakopee. The Shakopee Village was incorporated in 1857 and has since grown alongside Minneapolis into a thriving community that shows some of the best aspects of the state of Minnesota. The green pastures, restaurants, gaming halls, and more make this a lively city. Shakopee has come a long way since it was first a trading post and then just a simple river town. Now it is the county seat and forms part of one of the largest cities in the United States.

Real Estate in Shakopee, MN

Individuals looking to purchase a home in Shakopee are in luck – there are plenty of homes to be found at varying price ranges. A three bedroom/two bathroom home in Shakopee will float around the $200,000 to $600,000 range depending on the area. There are plenty of great neighborhoods to consider too, as Shakopee offers excellent locations throughout the city and the commute to Minneapolis is just thirty minutes. Some of the higher priced homes in Shakopee have up to ten acres or more of land and are surrounded by nature, one of the many perks of the city.

Amenities and Attractions in Shakopee

People looking for homes for sale in Shakopee, MN who are wondering what the city has to offer for its residents need not to worry. Shakopee is filled with fun places to frequent such as Canterbury Park, a thrilling race track that also offers table games. Valleyfair is perhaps the standout of the city as the amusement park invites both children and adults to have a good time, with over 75 rides and attractions to partake in. The SandVenture Aquatic Park is a blast in the summertime for the kids.

See It for Yourself

Shakopee is a darling of a city. It offers both a tranquil vibe surrounded by nature and the fast pace of the city not far away. Homes for sale in Shakopee, MN can be a nature lover’s dream due to their surroundings and the amenities in the city are more than enough to keep your lifestyle exciting. People looking to see the city for themselves who wish to inquire about properties on the market can call TWINCITIES.REALESTATE at 612- 807-965. We are delighted to help people find the property of their dreams and welcome them to the beautiful state of Minnesota.

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