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Must-try foods in Twin Cities

Minnesota is a food destination like no other. Here you’ll find comfort food to rival your mother’s cooking, from oven-baked bars to steaming bowls of stewed meat. Try these dishes when you start looking for homes for sale in St. Pau...

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Organize your new home with these 5 strategies

So you’ve finally found your dream home after months of looking at homes for sale in Minneapolis. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – sorting through your stuff and keeping them organized after moving in. These tips will help ...

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The importance of hiring a real estate agent

When buying homes for sale in Minneapolis, it is important to hire a real estate agent with knowledge and experience in the local housing market. Having the right agent on your side can help make the buying process less stressful and overwh...

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Tidying before her guests arrive

Budget-friendly home staging tips

When selling a home, it’s imperative to have it properly staged to compete with other homes for sale in Minneapolis. You don’t have to do sweeping design changes and extravagant home staging projects to make your home stand out. Simple ...

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Minneapolis Real Estate Trends 2019

The Minneapolis real estate scene has been booming in recent years. With the population steadily rising and the housing supply getting tighter, the city, along with neighboring Saint Paul, has become a seller’s market. Certain trends i...

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