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7 Proven Strategies to Secure Your Dream Home in the Competitive Twin Cities Real Estate Market

May 2, 2023

Are you on the hunt for your dream home in the Twin Cities? If so, you’re not alone. The real estate market in this area is highly competitive, with multiple buyers vying for limited inventory. In such a market, it’s essential to have an edge over the competition. Here are seven strategies to consider before making an offer on a property.

Build rapport with the listing agent

First impressions matter, which is no different in real estate. If you can build a rapport with the listing agent, it may give you an advantage over other buyers. You’ll want to work with a realtor who can speak candidly with the listing agent to understand their needs and what they’re looking for in an offer.

Offer above the list price

In today’s market, offering above the list price may be necessary to secure a property. However, conducting a quick Comparable Market Analysis is essential to determine a reasonable offer. You want to avoid overpaying for the property. Still, you want to take advantage of it because your bid needs to be higher.

Put down a substantial earnest money deposit

An earnest money deposit shows the seller you’re serious about purchasing their property. Putting down a substantial deposit demonstrates your commitment to the purchase and makes your offer stand out.

Consider forgoing an inspection, but be cautious

Foregoing an inspection is a risky strategy that only experienced buyers should consider. You can make your offer more attractive to the seller by waiving the inspection contingency. However, remember that you’re taking on the risk of any hidden issues or repairs that may be needed.

Cash offers are preferred, followed by conventional loans with larger down payments

Cash offers are the most attractive to sellers, as they remove the risk of the deal falling through due to financing issues. However, a conventional loan with a larger down payment can be a good alternative if you cannot offer cash.

Avoid asking for sellers’ concessions or closing costs

Sellers prefer clean, straightforward offers, so avoid asking for concessions or closing costs. In addition, presenting a clean offer shows the seller that you’re serious and committed to the purchase.

Pay property taxes

Paying property taxes upfront can make your offer more appealing to the seller. In addition, taking care of this expense removes a potential burden from the seller and demonstrates your financial stability.


purchasing a home in the Twin Cities real estate market requires careful consideration and strategy. By working with a trusted real estate agent and considering these seven strategies, you can improve your chances of securing your dream property. Remember to weigh the risks and benefits of each method and seek expert guidance to ensure a successful outcome. Good luck in your home-buying journey!

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Jerry Arguello