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Keep your Minnesota home warm with these amazing tips

winter days

Minnesota winters can be harsh especially on your home’s heating bills. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways for you to keep your home warm and cozy without cranking up the thermostat or putting space heaters in every room.

Use these amazing tips to keep your home toasty and save money during the winter season:

Let the sunlight in during the day

If your windows are in direct sunlight, throw your curtains open and let the warmth in. Letting the sunshine in will not only keep your home warm and bright but also keep the gloomy winter atmosphere at bay.

As soon as the sun sets, make sure to close all your curtains so heat doesn’t escape through the windows. Almost half of the home’s heat is wasted because of uncovered windows so use thick and heavily lined curtains to keep the warmth in.

Properly insulate the house from top to bottom

A well-insulated home retains heat longer and helps keep heating costs at a minimum. A lot of the home’s heat is also lost through the roof so if your property has an attic, make sure the attic access and doors are sealed to prevent heat from escaping.

For homes with basements, covering the floors with thick carpets and rugs will help warm up the space. The extra layers between the floor and your feet prevent the cold from seeping through.

Also, seal any air leaks to stop heat from leaking out and prevent cold air from coming in. You can do this by simply placing insulation at the bottom of doors and making sure windows are sealed tightly.

Keep furniture from blocking vents and radiators

If your vents and radiators are blocked, heat will have a more difficult time dispersing through the whole house. This also means that your heating system will have to work harder to keep your home warm. That, in turn, can rack up your heating bills.

Maximize your home’s heat potential by removing any furniture and other items from vents and radiators. This will make hot air circulate through the home easier and warm rooms up quicker. Double-check your vents and radiators to ensure they aren’t blocked.

Don’t let extra heat go to waste

Take advantage of the extra heat from baking or a hot bath. After you’ve finished baking, leave the oven door cracked as it cools down to let the warm air enter the home. If you’ve drawn a hot bath, only drain the water after it has completely cooled so the heat can linger longer.

Consider your fireplace

Lighting a wood-burning fireplace is actually an inefficient way to warm up the whole house. That’s because all the warm air is being drawn into one room, leaving the rest of the home in the cold. This phenomenon is called the stack effect. You can remedy this by putting a glass front on the fireplace to prevent heated air from escaping rapidly through the chimney.

If you’re not going to use the fireplace, make sure the chimney’s flue and draft are closed so air won’t escape through the open space. Keeping the chimney open is just as worse as having an open window during the winter.

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