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Organize Your New Home With These 5 Strategies

So you’ve finally found your dream home after months of looking at homes for sale in Minneapolis. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – sorting through your stuff and keeping them organized after moving in.

These tips will help keep clutter at bay.

Built-In Shelves and Storage

Built-in storage in the form of wall shelves, drawers, and compartments not only help you stay organized, they also help you save space. If you don’t already have these in your home, investing in a customized storage system will save you the trouble of having to bring in standalone shelves, cabinets, and chests that only crowd your space.

Consider installing mounted storage for bulkier items like bicycles, surf gear, tools, and equipment. Not only does this put your items on display, making them easier to find, they also take up less space.


If you have a difficult time figuring out where everything is, just slap labels on containers – it can be that simple. For example, if you keep several spice bottles in a drawer, putting labels on the lids lets you know which is which in one glance.

Labels can also contain expiry and best by dates for perishables if these dates aren’t prominently displayed on the packaging. The same goes for leftovers and takeaway food – labeling the containers will help you know when it’s time to toss them. This helps ensure food safety in the kitchen.

If you have a hobby area where you keep threads, papers, paints, or brushes, labeling containers by color, length, and material can make it easier for you to find certain items.

Labels can be as simple as sharpie marks on masking tape, or they can be elaborate print-outs with graphics and special font.

Collection Baskets

Baskets, bins, or canvas bags are great for collecting items that are on their way to the charities and thrift stores. In many cases, we let the clutter accumulate because we don’t know how to separate the things we want to let go of. These containers ought to do the trick.

Designating a basket or area for unwanted clothes, shoes, books, and toys will make it easier to donate these items. Wait until you have enough items before hitting the charity shops to avoid having to make multiple trips.

Filing System

Keep a filing system similar to the one at the office – despite going digital, many companies, such as banks, utilities, and insurance, still have a paper trail of bills, monthly statements, newsletters, and more. The same goes for magazine subscriptions – it’s easy to let the paper pile up if you have nowhere to store them.

A filing system will do more than keep your kitchen counter clutter-free – it can also help keep your home safe since loose paper is a leading fire hazard. Keep everything in filing cabinets, which make it easier to store paper documents according to date, type, and importance.

If you have valuable documents at home, such as your birth certificate, property title, and employment certificate, you might want to consider storing these documents in a bank vault or password-encoded safe for added security.

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